Maha Calisa Samgraha


INR 195


Translated by: Pt. Atma Ram Sharma
Edited by: Dr. R.C. Prasad

An Anthology of Calisas and Aratis forming part of the Hindu Religious Poetry and Public Worship.

A Calisa is essentially a hymn of forty verses: it is a pean to the various incarnations of Vishnu and to the deities with tutelary powers, some of whom are goddesses. An entirely new feature in this anthology is the insertion of popular Aratis with which religious ceremonies generally end. An Arati is known to be a prayer sung individually or in groups of people present on a ceremonial occasions. These Calisas and Aratis are spiritual songs which are now an inseparable part of our folk culture. They have been the strength and stay of god's people in the Hindi-speaking world and are sung alike in moments of grief and joy.

In this compilation the text, first in Devanagari and then in Roman transliteration with diacritical marks, is followed by the Hindi and English translation in prose. Where the exact English equivalent of a Hindi word is not available the latter has been retained with an explanation within brackets following it or in a footnote.

Dimension of Book: 5.5" (L) X 8.5" (H) Inches
Width: 20 mm
Format: Paperback
Number of Pages: 286
Language: Slokas in Sanskrit and Meaning in English