MahaLaxmi in Emerald - 103.35 crt


INR 10,850


This is a glorious Mahalakshmi idol in Precious Emerald stone defining the finesse in every bit. 

Emerald is the Jyotish gem related to Mercury, which is the planet of intelligence, speech, communication,  trade and commerce. Improves learning abilities and clairvoyance and it is beneficial to the nervous system.

Worshipping this idol attracts love and prosperity togather in your life. 

Lakshmi is the goddess of wealth. Being the consort of Lord Vishnu, the preserver, she is represented as the power of abundance and the goddess of fortune, both of which are equally necessary in the process of preservation. 

Height: 1.5 inches
Base Dimension: 1.1" (L) x 0.5" (B) inches
Weight: 103.35 carats (20.67 gms)
Rate per carat: Rs. 105

This item is sold. We can prepare the same for you in 15 days. Please write to us on for more details.