Majestic Giant Ganesha Idol in Rose Quartz


INR 78,900


Majestic Idol of Lord Ganesha brilliantly hand sculpted in natural Rose quartz gemstone explicitly exemplifies him as Vishvaraja, the king of the world. Crafted with sheer brilliance and beautifully accentuated with fine coloured and golden paintwork, the charming idol would immerse the viewer in total ecstasy. It beautifully features Ganesha in His popular form, where He is shown as gracefully seated on Lotus flower and raising the lower right palm in ‘Abhayam’, the blessing pose and His upper right hands holding lotus and goad while His lower left palm holding a sweet. The near perfect paintwork beautifully features the clothing and luxurious jewels of Ganesha. A beautifully designed umbrella is nicely decorated above His head, while a peacock feature is painted on His crown. His attendants, two mice are shown surrounding a bowl of sweets at the base on lotus petals. Infused with healing energies of Rose quartz gemstone, the divine idol promotes energies of peace, love, tenderness and harmony along with blessings of intellect, wisdom and success and removal of obstacles from path of life. The idol can be installed in the puja altar, near entrance of work place or house for divine blessings.

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Height: Approx 17 inches
Base Dimension: Approx. 9 (L) x 4.3 (B) inches
Weight: 12.860 kgs