Malachite round mala


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Origin: Brazil

Malachite is regarded as a protection against rheumatic pain. This gem assures health and prosperity, as well as good spirits and success in love. Malachite was since long valued as a protection against lightning and other disasters in nature. Also it was attributed the power of strengthening the heart to withstand the disturbing effect of vertigo in high places, and to overcome the poison of insect or animal bites or of enemy potions. In powdered form, malachite was taken mixed with milk to cure stomach ailments. Mixed with honey, it stopped the bleeding of wounds. Mothers in central Europe still prize it as an amulet in childbirth and during the teething period of infants. A piece of malachite tied to the child's crib or bed assures peaceful sleep. In Italy malachite is still believed to preserve the wearer from the evil eye.

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