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Matsya Shaligram


INR 3,100


This original and powerful Shri Matsya Shaligram stone from Gandaki river in Nepal emit high radiance. It comes in exotic black colour and has naturally formed pattern on edges. It represents Lord Matsya, the first incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Lord Matsya protected the world and restored life during flood. He purified the cosmos for perfect balance and harmony, thus signifying protection. Worshipping the Matsya Shaligram bestows protection, wisdom, spiritual elevation, courage, peace, materialistic pleasures, generosity and wealth. It is a very powerful Shaligram for removing all kind of negative influences in the surrounding. It is highly recommended for homes or office for to its protective energies and positivity and removing all kind of Vastu faults.

Shaligram is a sacred stone which is collected from Gandaki Kali River in Nepal. No two Shaligram are same as they are naturally formed. A Shaligram does not required to undergo the ritual of Pranprathistha (life invoking ritual), as it is the representation of Lord Vishnu himself. Placing Shaligram at home bestows blessings in six realms of life which includes wealth, good health, worldly pleasures, spiritual progress, protection and righteous living. The worship of Shaligram focuses on six virtues of life which includes creation of wealth, good health, world and spiritual pleasures, spiritual progress, protection and righteous living. The regular worship includes an Abhishekum with pure water or Tulsi water and with panchamrti (combination of five substances which includes cow milk, curd, sugar, ghee and honey).

Height: 2.4 inches
Width: 1.4 Inches