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Matsya Varaha Tilak Shaligram Shila


INR 3,100


The Matsya Varaha Tilak Shaligram Shila is endowed with the energies of Lord Vishnu's Avatars, namely Matsya or Fish Avatar and Varaha, who is depicted with head of wild Boar and body of human. Lord Vishnu appeared in the Matsya Avatar to save humanity from becoming extinct and Lord Varaha Avatar saved the Earth from getting destroyed by the demon Hiranyaksha. Worshipping the Matsya Varaha Tilak Shaligram Shila protects from troubles and miseries, removes hurdles and bestows success, prosperity, abundance and happy family life.

The Shaligram Shila represents Lord Vishnu and worshipped dedicatedly by the Vaishnava sect and other devotees. Conducting Abhishekham of the Shaligram Shila with Tulsi leaves, water and Panchamrit, pleases Lord Vishnu and showers the devotee with His blessings.

The high vibration of Matsya Varaha Tilak Shaligram Shila keeps the dwelling positive, removes Vastu Doshas, provides protection and good health, removes distress, confers wealth, prosperity, peace, luxuries, success in ventures and harmony in relationships. With the blessings of Lord Matsya and Varaha, the devotee is charged with courage, enthusiasm, helps to overcome all challenges retaining the faith in Divine, eliminates fear and negativity and establishes a blissful life.

Dimension of Shaligram:
Height: 1.2 inches
Length: 2.8 inches
Width: 2.4 inches
Weight: 217 gms