Meditating Shiva Shawl in Soft Jacquard Fabric


INR 600


Shiva, the destroyer, is one of the three supreme gods in Hindu mythology. The other two are Brahma, the creator, and Vishnu, the preserver. Shiva's destructive powers are awesome, but they also have a positive side in that destruction usually leads to new forms of existence.

Shiva is a complex god with many roles and powers. In his destroyer role, he often haunts cemeteries, wearing a headdress of snakes and a necklace of skulls. Lord Shiva is the Master of yoga and Meditation. The three matted locks on the head of the Lord convey the idea that integration of the physical, mental and spiritual energies is the ideal of yoga Meditation.

This Shawl is made in soft Jacquard fabric. Jacquard weave is a fabric in which the design is incorporated into the weave instead of being printed or dyed on.

This beautiful shawl is used for draping over body on religious occasions or as altar cloth.

Dimension: 82 (L) x 28 (W) inches
Fabric: Jacquard
Design: Meditating Shiva woven beautifully in shawls of resplendent colors.

Shawls are fluorescent in color.

Available colours: Dark Green, Pink, Brown and Purple.

Please specify the colour choice and quantity of each colour on checkout.