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Multi Layered Chakra Vastu Designer Pyramid


INR 19,415


Powerful combination of three layered pyramids pattern especially crafted for huge structures like factories and buildings and large homes. Created to amplify the combined energies of all pyramids, these pyramids are unique and highly effective because of their accurate angles both external and internal. Made in pure copper, they generate copious positive and divine energies. This combination includes pyramid plate with 81 pyramids placed in multiples of 9 x 9. It is followed by a layer of 9 pyramids perfectly holding 9 pyramids under it, finally covered by a single pyramid top. All Pyramids are hollow. This multi layered pyramid charges large area of it’s surrounding with energies of positivity, harmony, fortune and prosperity. Hang vertically or keep horizontally near the room entrances or in living areas. Highly recommended to place near areas where direction has been cut or Vastu fault is there.

Energised Pyramids can help us in correction of Vastu. Pyramid structure emits positive energy which neutralises the negative energy caused within any premises due to incorrect Vastu. A good Vastu plays a vital role in happy family life and prosperity of business.

A pyramid of pure copper is a huge store of positivity and divine powers compared to the commonly available variants in plastic or fibre. It charges a very large area around it with positive energy.

Height - 3.5 inches
Base Dimension - 4.1 x 4.1 inches
Weight - 1.250 Kgs

Click to see video of Multi Layered Tatva Vastu Designer Pyramid