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Naga Yantra locket made in pure silver


INR 1,200


This Naga Yantra locket is best known for blessing the wearer with material as well as spiritual fulfilments.

The ruling deities of the yantra are Nagas that are serpent-like spirits who are the divine guardians of places and truth seekers (spiritualists).

The various curves in the Yantra symbolize the eight Nagas and their divine Consorts.

Situated at the center is the cobra hood who is Naag Sesha and his Queen.

To derive positive energies from the yantra, one has to sit in meditation with the left knee pointed toward the east, and with the yantra in their left hand, the hand resting on their left knee. One then can look at the yantra and chant "OM PUUH SVAHA" 108 times.

Designed in Pure 99% silver.
Diameter: 25mm
Width: 2 mm

Blessed and Energised