Nandi in Pure Silver - I


INR 26,820


This Nandi idol is made from pure Silver, with a shiny polish and is apt for keeping in your Puja alter in front of the Shivlingam. Nandi, the Bull, is the Vahana(vehicle) of Lord Shiva and the gatekeeper of Mt. Kailash, the abode of Lord Shiva. Nandi is a perfect devotee of Lord Shiva and when devotees visit Shiva temples, they first pray to Him before entering the main Mandir, as Nandi’s idol is always present in Shiva temples. This idol depicts Nandi sitting on a pedestal, in His usual posture with one of His fore limbs slightly bent out, ready to take action on command of His Master, Lord Shiva. The pedestal has Lotus petal design patterns and the celestial Bull is adorned with a quilt on His back, a bell around His neck and other adornments. Nandi is always in a meditative mode but yet alert and His tail and head are always in a submissive posture to Lord Shiva. Though a bull is very powerful physically, Nandi epitomizes restrained power. He is an integral part of the Shiv Parivar.

Devotees believe that Nandi conveys their wishes to Lord Shiva and so it is a common practice among devotees to whisper their wishes in His ears to get wishes fulfilled faster.

Nandi represents wisdom, controlled power, protection, calmness, patience, grounded joy, submission and devotion. He is a part of the Shiva family.

This Nandi idol can be kept in the Puja room/alter, to please Lord Shiva and bring His blessings. You can convey your wishes through Nandi to Lord Shiva, for getting them fulfilled quickly.

925 Sterling Silver is 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% other metals, like copper, zinc, nickel, etc. 999 silver is very soft and marred, damaged or bent more easily than 925 silver. This makes 925 Sterling Silver is the preferred choice for making idols and jewellery.

When you buy this 925 Sterling Silver idol, you will find the BIS mark stamped on it, mentioning the same. With the BIS mark on the idol, you can rest assured that this silver idol indeed contains 92.5% pure silver and you are paying for what you get.

It is important to keep deity idols clean. But as silver tarnishes easily, it needs proper maintenance and cleaning at regular intervals. You can use simple silver cleaning agents which are commonly found at home. For example, baking soda, white tooth powder, vinegar are good cleaning agents. Herbal polish can also be used, which is safe for your hands. Clean the silver God idols carefully to prevent scratching.

Height:  3.5 inches
Base Dimension:  4 (L) x 3 (W) inches
Weight:  149 gms