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Narmada Lingam Locket - Design I


INR 775


Narmada Lingam encased in german silver locket to be worn as pendent.

Purpose: The linga symbolises transcendental power and is identified with the life (prana) and is thus worn on neck by devotees to mark their respect and devotion.

Linga Purana underlines that prakriti is a source of the manifestation of the linga. It explains that of the Trinity, Brahma represents the seed or beeja, Vishnu the receptacle or yoni and Rudra the seedless or nirbija (from which the seed has emerged without a cause), but is the cause of the Universe ( beeja). Thus the personal forms of deities belong to the realm of the linga. Above the linga and the alinga and all the manifest forms, Shiva is the ultimate.Sankhya philosophy states that the linga signifies both prakriti and vikriti According to the various Puranas and the Saivagams, the linga symbolises the Supreme Being which stands for God himself and is the seat of entire creation and its dissolution. Worship of different types of lingas yields different results. The ratnaja linga yields prosperity and gives glory, the sailaja linga the achievement of perfection, sarvasiddhi. The dhatuja linga helps to accumulate wealth, the daruja linga yields enjoyment, while the lingas made from earth help in acquiring all perfection. The linga thus symbolises transcendental power which is identified as Brahman, and is the centre of Saivite philosophy. Shiva is represented in beautifully sculptured forms as well as by the symbolic linga. The linga thus has many dimensions and interpretations. Yet it remains a unique spiritual symbol which does not restrict itself to any one religious order, but is a part of the Hindu way of life.

Dimension: 28 mm x 17 mm
Weight of the locket: Approximately 9 gms