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Narsimha dev silver bracelet


INR 6,225


This charming pure silver bracelet with fine carving of Narsimha Yantra makes a powerful talisman which can be worn regularly for protection. The bracelet comes with fine finish and brilliant shine. An image of Narsimha Laxmi is embossed at the back side of the bracelet to bless the wearer. With clasp and silver chain in Cuban pattern, it ensures a carefree wear. The Yantra is dedicated to Lord Narasimha, who was an Avatar of Lord Vishnu. The Yantra is a highly powerful protection Yantra. It helps drive away disturbances which are caused by negative people or negative influences and protects the place from adverse energies and malefic planetary influences.

  • Removes fears, troubles and sufferings
  • Bestows fearlessness, peace and prosperity
  • Protection from problems caused by negative influences

  • Diameter of yantra: 1 inch
    Length of chain: 8.75 inches
    Silver used: 27 gms