Natraja idol in Ruby - 3275 gms


INR 1,47,375


Magnificent and powerful Shiva Natraj Idol crafted in pure Ruby gemstone is a perfect adornment for best of home décors. Lord standing in striking dancing pose with detailed engraving and graceful finish is a perfect example of excellent craftsmanship. Brimming with elegance and divinity, The Idol with additional benefits of Pure Ruby gemstone would usher fame, prosperity, steadiness, alertness and authority. An Ideal spiritual home adornment for high office aspirants and administrative and political professionals.

Shiva the Hindu god of destruction is also known as Nataraja, the Lord of Dancers. Nataraja dances with his right foot supported by a crouching figure and his left foot elegantly raised. The cobra around Nataraja's waist is kundalini shakti. The crescent moon and a skull are on his crest. The multiple arms represent the four cardinal directions. Each hand either holds an object or makes a specific mudra. The goddess of the Ganges is shown nesting in Shiva's dreadlocks. Shiva dances on the body of a dwarf apasmara-purusha (the man of forgetfulness) who embodies indifference, ignorance and laziness. He dances within an arch of flames. This dance is called the Dance of Bliss. The ring of fire and light, identifies the field of the dance with the entire universe.

Height: 14 inches
Base Dimension: 6" (L) x 2" (W)
Weight: 3.275 kgs

Dimension of box: 17" (L) x 12" (W) x 4" (H)
Weight with box: 5.1 Kgs

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