Navgraha Locket in brass


INR 1,020


The fine-looking square locket with Navgrah Yantra perfectly carved in high quality Brass metal and firm holder provides collective benefits of all nine planets.

Navgraha Yantra reduces the malefic of all nine astrological planets- Sun, Moon, Venus, Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu and bestows their positive effects. Wearing this locket regularly would provide protection, enhance your knowledge, wisdom, mental balance and attract wealth, joy and success.

Mantra: Om Suryaaye Namah, Om Chandraye Namah, Om Budhaye Namah, Om Brihaspataye Namah, Om Mangalye Namah, Om Shukraye Namah, Om Shanaye Namah, Om RahaVe Namah, Om KetaVe Namah, Om Navgarihaya Namah !! 

Dimension: 25 mm (H) x 22 mm (L) x 6 mm (W) inches