Navgraha Vibhuti ( Set Of 9 )


INR 2,565


A set of 9 different Vibhuti, corresponding to the nine different Planets, the Navgraha, are made, in-house, by our Pandits of Rudra Centre Puja services. Each Navgraha Vibhuti is made by performing special Havan of each Planet where the wood/grass, which appeases that particular Planet is offered in the sacred Havan fire. Vibhuti means glory. It is purifying and brings positive blessings of the Planets, protection, peace, prosperity, spiritual understanding/growth, good health and happiness.

Navgraha Vibhuti set of 9 consists of:

Ark Vibhuti for Surya (Sun) Puja
Palash Vibhuti for Chandra (Moon) Puja
Peepal Vibhuti for Guru/Brihaspati (Jupiter) Puja
Apamarga Vibhuti for Buddh (Mercury) Puja
Audamber Vibhuti for Shukra (Venus) Puja
Khadir Vibhuti for Mangal (Mars) Puja
Shami Vibhuti for Shani (Saturn) Puja
Kusha Vibhuti for Ketu Puja
Durva Vibhuti for Rahu Puja

How is Navgraha Vibhuti Made?

Each of the Navgraha Vibhutis are made in-house by Rudra Centre Puja Services by performing Planetary Homa of Navgraha or nine Planets using wood associated with the Navgraha in Havan. The ash from these Havans is collected and powdered to make the Navgraha Vibhuti. Other prescribed Vedic rituals of Tarpan, Marjan and more are also performed during the course of making the Navgraha Vibhuti.

Benefits of Navgraha Vibhuti

  • Navgraha Vibhuti is highly powerful in pacifying the malefic effects of Navgraha or 9 Planets
  • Usage of Navgraha Vibhuti to worship Navgraha bestows good health, wealth, prosperity, success, positivity, abundance and protection
  • Worshipping the Navgraha with Navgraha Vibhuti and chanting the Navgraha Mantra provides relief from all Planetary malefics, problems and issues like debts, diseases and ailments and discord in relationships
  • Applying the Vibhuti Tilak is believed to purify mind, body, soul and protects the individual
  • How to Use Navgraha Vibhuti

    Navgraha Vibhutia may be applied on forehead, neck, chest, arms, stomach, elbow, and wrists. For Puja purposes it is applied as a tilak on Navgraha image, idol or Yantra.

    Where to Apply Navgraha Vibhuti

    Navgraha Vibhuti may be applied on forehead, neck, chest, arms, stomach, elbow, and wrists. For Puja purposes it is applied as a tilak on image, idol or Yantra of Navgraha or nine Planets.

    Mantras Related to Navgraha Vibhuti:
    Surya Dev - Om Hram Hreem Hroum Sah, Suryaye Namah ||
    Chandra Dev - Om Aim Kleem Somaye Namah ||
    Guru Dev - Om Gram Greem Graum Sah Guruve Namah ||
    Mangal Dev - Om Hoom Shreem Mangalaya Namah ||
    Buddh Dev - Om Bum Budhaaya Namaha ||
    Shukra Dev - Om Draam Dreem Droum Sah Shukraye Namaha ||
    Shani Dev - Om Praam Peem Paum Sah Shanayishraya Namah ||
    Rahu Dev - Om Raam Rahve Namah ||
    Ketu Dev - Om Hreem Ketave Namah ||