Navratna Bracelet - Design X


INR 1,900


This beautiful Navratna Bracelet is made with best quality round, oval and faceted gemstones Red Coral, Yellow Citrine, Blue Sapphire, Pearl , Cat's Eye, Gomed , Crysrtal, Emerald and Ruby . In this Bracelet these gemstones are strung using Silver beads as spacers in a strong thread with silver loops. These gemstones are strung using natural beads of different sizes in such a pattern that it gives a naturally elegant look. Wearing a Navratna will strengthen the positive influences of planets and intensify the rays of the planets they represent. They bring fame, longevity, wealth, happiness, and strength. It also wards away negativity , bad celestial influences and eliminates misery. It is made is such a way that anybody and any age group can wear them irrespective of the horoscope. An ideal gift for all in all occasions.

Length: 8 inches
Bead Size: 4mm to 8mm
Number of beads: Approximately 21
Silver used: 4 gms