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Navratna Choker Bracelet - Design II


INR 5,700


This beautiful Navratna Bracelet is made with best quality pure round, oval and cylindrical gemstones - Red Coral, Yellow Citrine, Blue Sapphire , Pearl, Cat's Eye, Crystal, Gomed, Emerald and Ruby.

In this Bracelet these gemstones are strung using Silver beads and flower chakri as spacers between each gemstone, in a strong thread with silver loops and can be worn as a choker around neck or as double bracelet on the arm.

These gemstones are strung using natural beads of different sizes in such a pattern that it gives a natural raw look and an elegant feel.

Wearing a Navratna will strengthen the positive influences of planets and intensify the rays of the planets they represent. They bring fame, longevity, wealth, happiness, and strength. It also wards away negativity, bad celestial influences and eliminates misery. It is made is such a way that anybody and any age group can wear them irrespective of the horoscope. An ideal gift for all in all occasions.

Bead Size: 8mm to 10mm
Number of beads: 27
Silver used: 10 gms
Length: 8 inches