Pancha Deepam oil


INR 850


This oil is specially prepared for puja purposes and has a perfect blend of five different kind of oils with each having a spiritual meaning to it.

Since ancient times various oils are used to light Lamps for different rituals and ceremonies. Lighting oil Lamps is an integral part Hindu Puja Vidhi which has a spiritual significance. The flame of the lamp represents the Soul. When the Lamp is lit, the darkness of ignorance is removed to replace the light of knowledge. It clears negativity, purifies the atmosphere, brings wisdom, positivity and harmony. The oil burns to surrender to Divine and burn our ego with it.

Oils used in the Panchadeepam oil are as below:

1) Refined Castor Oil - Brings the grace of Kul Devta(family Deity). Happiness in family.
2) Gingelly Oil (Extracted from Sesame/Til) - Blessings of Navgraha (Nine Planets of Vedic Astrology)
3) Coconut Oil - Provides strength and clarity of mind. Pleases Lord Ganesh.
4) Mahua (Illuppai)Oil - Garners blessings of Lord Shiva, invites prosperity and helps to overcome debt. The Aroma of Mahua Oil is also beneficial for Cardio health.
5) Refined Rice Bran Oil – Give relief from malefic moon and balancesemotions.

Lighting a Lamp in the Puja Altar at home/workplace with the Panchdeepam oil pleases the Divine and is said to calm down the mind, helps to feel more centred, boosts the mood of devotees and be more positive. It changes the vibration of the space and brings happy and vibrant energies.