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Parad Lingam with Black Jade Yonibase - II


INR 18,975


The stunning Parad Lingam with Black Jade Yoni base is a desired addition to the puja alter. The Yoni base is made from natural Black Jade gemstone and carved with a smooth finish. The Parad(Mercury) Lingam is considered one of the most powerful Lingam as Parad has a significant connection with Lord Shiva. A Parad Lingam is considered to have the spiritual benefits equivalent to that of a thousand stone Lingams and it said that anyone who has a Parad Linga or Shivalinga has done good deeds in the past lives. Solidified Mercury has been used for making the Lingam.

Parad is considered the purest metal and very auspicious. The process of making the solidified Mercury is followed from the Parad Sanmhita and is a tedious process comprising of 8 stages of purification. The Parad Linga is made by Vaidya Shree Pundit Deenanath of Jaipur. Read more

Complete with 8 Sanskaars (8 stage of Purifications done as per Parad Sanmhita and removal of Saptakanchuki(100 % medicated and hygienic); the Siddha Parad(Mercury mouth closed with Aghor Vidhya) is formed to make Murthi-Badhha/Agnibadha(sustain the heat) Shiva lingam. The Extract from this Shivling gives 24 Ras and 5 Tatva which removes all diseases in the body.

The Black Jade gemstone is known as a stone of shielding which protects against negative energies of all kinds.

The Lingam represents the Supreme Lord Shiva and the Yoni base is a Goddess Shakti and when the two unite together, with the union of two natural forces, the male and the female of Nature and also signifies Satya(truth), Jnana(knowledge) and Ananta(infinity). The powerful Shivalinga is worshipped by the process of Abhisheskham which is to bath the Shivalinga with Milk and water mainly, however other liquids like ghee, yogurt, honey are commonly used too.

The combined impact of the Parad Linga on Black Jade Yoni base is tremendous.
  • It blesses with long and healthy life, harmony and love
  • Shields from negative energies, purifies atmosphere
  • Brings unity and blissful married life
  • Spiritual progress

  • Dimension of Black Jade yoni base:
    Height: 1.4 inches
    Length of Yonibase: 3 inches
    Base Diameter: 2.1 inches
    Weight: 212 gms

    Dimension of Parad lingam:
    Height: 1.6 inches
    Centre diameter: 0.8 inch
    Weight: 123 gms

    Height of set: 2.4 inches
    Weight of set: 335 gms

    Ideal For: Placing this in house will increase the harmony and well being  among family members. This will balance the materialistic and spiritual desires and will bring enlightment to the worshipper.