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Parshuram Mahavishnu Sudarshan Shaligram


INR 3,100


A Shaligram Shila with a fascinating shape and Chakra markings is endowed with the energies of Lord Mahavishnu and Lord Parasuram, the 6th avatar of Lord Vishnu. Lord Mahavishnu embodies every particle of the Universe and denotes creation, preservation and destruction of the Universe, all in one. Lord Parasuram appeared to get rid of sinful, evil people from Earth. His powerful Axe, called Bhargavastra and His Bow, called Vijaya, was gifted to Him by Lord Shiva as Parasuram was an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva. Sudarshan denotes the Discus weapon of Lord Vishnu, which can annihilate anything or anyone that can cause threat to the Universe. The Parashuram Mahavishnu Sudarshan Shaligram Shila is perfect for all round protection of home and its inmates

. Benefits of the Parashuram Mahavishnu Sudarshan Shaligram
  • clears evil energies from the space
  • helps to absolve sins and overcome sinful thoughts and deeds,
  • fills the space with positive vibration
  • good health
  • righteous living
  • material contentment
  • success
  • spiritual awareness
  • peace and joy
  • happy family
  • abundance

  • Worshipping the Parashuram Mahavishnu Sudarshan Shaligram Shila by conducting Abhishekham (the sacred bath) with Tulsi leaves, Water and a mixture of Cow's Milk, Ghee, Curd, Honey and Sugar pleases Lord Mahavishnu and leads to Moksha.

    Height: 2 inches
    Width: 1.4 inches
    Weight: 79 gms