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Parshuram Shaligram


INR 2,100


Original Shaligram with flawless impression and exotic natural colour collected from Gandaki Kali River in Nepal. Shaligram are naturally formed stones with pattern formed over several years, they carry high frequency. This sacred Shaligram represents Lord Parshuram, a manifestation of Lord Vishnu. He is revered as warrior, Who mastered all combat skills and weapons. He represents valour, aggression, determination and prudence. Worshipping this Shaligram provides protection from diseases and negative energies, generates immense confidence and determination to attain success in all endeavours and manifest all wishes. It helps remove financial miseries and bestows wealth and knowledge. It also brings peace in the life of worshipper and blesses Him with ultimate salvation.

Shaligram are sacred stone which represents Lord Vishnu. Each Shaligram is unique and carries high frequency. Worshipping this stone bestows six virtues in life like protection, creation of wealth, righteous living, good heath, pleasure and spiritual growth. Its worship at home includes abhishek ritual done with Tulsi water and Panchamrit

Height: 1.7 inches
Width: 0.8 Inches