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Pearl Ganesh - 47 carats


INR 3,525

INR 5,025


Ganesha is endowed with every conceivable form of wealth, riches, knowledge, health, bliss, beauty. Ganesha is the remover of obstacles and the first to be worshipped among all Lords. His presence removes all obstacles and blesses with Riddhi-Siddhi.

Pearl pacifies passions and mental inconsistency and strengthens the heart. It cures disease pertaining to indigestion, tiredness, and physical weakness. Attracts wealth and money, and symbolizes prosperity and good luck. It is often given as a present in order to wish good luck to a friend. It brings a soft, healing energy during meditation. The pearl is also said to improve self-esteem.

Purpose: May be kept in puja altar or work desk or worn as a locket.

Dimension: 41mm (H) x 32mm (W) x 5mm (D)
Weight: 47 carats
Price per carat: Rs 75