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Protection Yantra Pyramid in Copper


INR 4,050.00


Pure Copper pyramid with Yantras (Shree Maha Sudarshan, Shree Mahamrityunjay, Shree Hanuman, Shree Durga Yantra) inscribed on each face, together form the Protection Pyramid. This heavy copper Pyramid has a dual effect of Pyramid and Yantra. A Pyramid is a powerful geometry that energises its surrounding with fire energy through the base. The Yantra is a tool which enhances prosperity, wisdom, riches and success in one’s life. The combined energies of Pyramid and Yantra boost overall wellbeing. Read More

The Protection Yantra Pyramid comprises:

1. Shree Maha Sudarshan Yantra – to remove negativity, illness and misfortune
2. Shree Mahamrityunjay Yantra – for improving health, preventing disease and protection from untimely death
3. Shree Hanuman Yantra – to empower learning, increase wisdom and devotion to God
4. Shree Durga Yantra – for mind power and protection

The hollow base and accurate internal and external angles make it a powerful Vastu corrector. The Vastu experts all over the world have found that the copper pyramid is a huge store of positivity and divine powers compared to the commonly available variants in plastic or fibre.

Placement: Place the Pyramid yantra near entrance or in living areas or on your desktop. Highly recommended to place this in areas where the direction has been cut or Vastu defect is there.

Height: 3.3 Inches
Base Dimension: 4.1 (L)X 4.1 (B) Inches
Weight: 207 gms


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