Puja Services Recommendation with Expert


INR 1,100


Our expert along with Vedic pundits will analyse your chart and your current concerns and suggest you the best pujas to pacify malefic planets, remove doshas and planetary afflictions, bring divine blessings and empower you towards success and overall wellbeing. Vedic scriptures mention that a puja and homa done with traditional Shodashopachar vidhi with repetitive mantra japa by qualified karmakandi priests is a very quick way to bring divine grace for protection, peace, health stability, desire fulfillment and success in life.

Puja Services consultation comprises:
  • Detailed analysis of your astrological chart along with Doshas, Dashas and Malefic/Benefic planets.
  • Identifying of mantras to be chanted and Istha devatas.
  • Recommendation of best Pujas to be conducted