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Purshottama Shaligram


INR 3,100


This Shaligram in highly impressive natural neat markings looks very divine and appealing. Collected from Gandaki Kali River in Nepal is a powerful Shaligram which emit high radiance of divine energies. This Shaligram is endowed with energies of Purshottama, the Supreme Lord Vishnu. He is omnipresent and foremost of all and represents highest and foremost qualities. The Purshottama Shaligram bestows the worshipper with prosperity, immense strength, determination, austerity, material pleasure, wealth, dignity and peace. It also provides protection from all kind of negative influences and creates a positive and peaceful aura by dispelling negative energies and Vastu defects. Purushottama does away the concept of duality, thus this Shaligram also increases devotion and helps one ultimately leading to liberation.

The Shaligram is a sacred stone worshipped as representation of Lord Vishnu. It is naturally formed with unique impressions and pattern. Shaligram is worshipped at home for six values of life protection, righteous living, good health, wealth, pleasures and spiritual growth. The worship includes daily Abhishek ritual done with Tulsi water and items like curd, cow milk, honey, sugar and honey. Regular worship of Shaligram brings immense benefits, peace and happiness.

Height: 2.2 inches
Length:1.6 Inches
Width: 1 Inches
Weight: 80 gms