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Pyramid in Copper


INR 1,100

INR 2,975


This pyramid set made in copper consists of single and 9 and 81 pyramids plate. When stacked together with 81 at base followed by 9 pyramid plate and single at top, the set amplifies the combined energies of all pyramids. It helps rectify Vastu defects of structures like factories and building and large area. Pyramids charge large area of it’s surrounding with energies of positivity, harmony, fortune and prosperity. Made in pure copper, the pyramid generates copious positive energies as they are store house of positive energies. The set can be placed in areas of Vastu fault or where direction has been cut. You may keep the pyramid set near entrances or in living area or bedroom.

Height: 1.1 inches
Base dimension: 1.1 (L) x 1.1 (W) inches
Weight: 80 gms