Radha Krishna (925 Sterling Silver)


INR 22,360


This endearing Radha Krishna idol in pure Silver, crafted by expert craftsmen, portrays Lord Krishna and Radharaniji on an intricately carved oval pedestal, will lure every heart. The antique finish of the idol, further enhances its beauty. The idol features Lord Krishna playing His Flute and Radharaniji is standing close to Him, with Her left hand lovingly placed on His right arm, Her face has an endearing smile and an expression which shows Her completely immersed in hearing the flute of Her Kanha(Krishna). Lord Krishna is standing with His right leg crossed over the left, at the ankle, His signature posture, and His face is radiant with a pleasant expression. The detailed carving shows the fingers of His hands perfectly poised on His Flute, to play it. His Crown is excellently carved, His jewellery and adornments are beautifully crafted, the folds of His Dhoti gives it a touch of reality, the well carved belt looks arresting and His anklet too is clearly carved. Radharaniji is gorgeously dressed in Ghagra and Choli(blouse), with a traditionally draped Dupatta, is carved in finer detail. She is adorned with rich jewellery, a lovely Tiara and Her Ghagra is embellished with pretty flowers. Radha and Krishna epitomized love and this idol truly justifies it.

Lord Krishna is the 8th Avatar of Lord Vishnu and is ardently worshipped all over the world. His Leela or pass-time, at every stage of His life are popularly sung as Bhajans and Kirtans. The love between Shri Krishna and Radharaniji is eternal, unique and divine. Radharaniji's unconditional love for Shri Krishna, represents the soul who is awakened and absorbed in God's love. The sound of Lord Krishna's spellbinding Flute, denotes the call of divine for the individual soul.

Installing this wonderful Radha Krishna idol in Silver brings love, joy, devotion, harmony, charming personality, charisma, peace and blessings of Lord Krishna and Radharaniji.

925 Sterling Silver is 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% other metals, like copper, zinc, nickel, etc. 999 silver is very soft and marred, damaged or bent more easily than 925 silver. This makes 925 Sterling Silver is the preferred choice for making idols and jewellery.

When you buy this 925 Sterling Silver idol, you will find the BIS mark stamped on it, mentioning the same. With the BIS mark on the idol, you can rest assured that this silver idol indeed contains 92.5% pure silver and you are paying for what you get.

It is important to keep deity idols clean. But as silver tarnishes easily, it needs proper maintenance and cleaning at regular intervals. You can use simple silver cleaning agents which are commonly found at home. For example, baking soda, white tooth powder, vinegar are good cleaning agents. Herbal polish can also be used, which is safe for your hands. Clean the silver God idols carefully to prevent scratching.

Height: 3.7 Inches
Length: 2.8 Inches
Width: 1.4 Inches
Weight: 172 gms