Radha Krishna in Blue sapphire - 680 carats


INR 23,800


Loving pair of Radha Krishna exclusively carved from single piece of 100% natural Blue sapphire with glossy finish. The meticulous carving beautifully illustrates Lord Krishna playing flute and standing under the tree with Radha on left and cow on right.
  Blue Sapphire heals, nourishes, and brings order to the mind. Its energy permeates the fabric of the mind, clearing out mental "garbage," teaching mental discrimination, and bringing clarity and perspective to thoughts. The blue ray carried by Blue Sapphire disintegrates disharmony in the physical head and profoundly benefits all functions centered there, including the eyesight and hearing. Blue Sapphire expands mental potential and enhances the ability to distinguish between one's mind and one's higher self.
  Ideal For: (a) One facing Shani dosh may worship this idol at home
  (b) For Office or Home decor
  (c) For figures handicraft for gifting.
  Height: 2.8 inches
Base Dimension: 1.9" (L) x 1" (B)
Weight: 680 carats (136 gms)

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