Ramayana of Valmiki - Set of IV volume


INR 2,000


Translation by: M. N. Dutt
Edited & Revised by: Dr. Ravi Prakash Arya
Introduction by: Dr. Ramashraya Sharma
Published by: Parimal Publications

Details: Ramayana of Valmiki - Sanskrit text with English translation

Ramayana, the famous story of the Rama-Ravana-Yuddha is undoubtedly an immortal composition of sage Valmiki. This world-famous epic has been divided into seven chapters i.e., from Balkanda to Uttarakanda. It begins with a dialogue between the Valmiki and the famous mythological seer Narada. Narada describes the entire virtues of Rama to Valmiki and later sage Valmiki weaves them into 24,000 verses.

Dimension of Book : 9.75" (H) X 7.5" (L) inches
Depth: 25 mm
Binding: Hardbound
Format: Paperback
Total number of Pages: 1849
Weight: 3800 gms