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Red 12 Horses


INR 3,100


Red Horse Statues made in porcelain to boost power and strength.

In Vastu Shastra paintings or statues of red horses are used in the South direction to ensure support and stability. Horses symbolize speed, intended direction, control and confidence and pair of running red horses is a Vastu remedy to balance energies of the South direction ruled by the Earth element. It helps the dwellers with steady income and feeling of being grounded. Keeping horse statue on the study desk is also considered a good omen which blesses one with success in endeavors.

  • Brings force and strength to complete tasks
  • Attracts stability and support
  • Provides grounding effect
  • Usage ensures that one’s efforts are rewarded

  • Placement: Place in South direction of your home, office or shop

    Height: 5 inches
    Length: 15 inches
    Width: 5 inches
    Weight: 2.270 Kgs