Right hand whelk Shankh - 4 Inches


INR 900

INR 1,100


The Shankh or conch shell has an auspicious ritualistic and religious significance in Hinduism. This shell is considered auspicious as it is a right handed shell which means that when it is held with the spout pointed up, its spiral twists rightwards rather than the common form, which twists leftwards. This shell is different from the Dakshinavarti shankh obtained from the Indian ocean which is very rare. This particular shell is found in America and for thousands of years, Native Americans worship this shell as a sacred object. The lightning whelk is the State Shell of Texas. This right hand shell is kept at homes to invite the blessings of abundance, wealth and prosperity. This Shankh is also used to keep the holy water (Ganga Jal) during puja rituals.

This Shankh comes with a beautiful brass stand. The ideal place to keep the shell is at your Puja place or inside your treasury box. You may keep in your living room for enhancing aura of the room and for attracting good luck.