Rose Quartz beads Mala


INR 3,295


A lovely Mala strung with lustrous Rose Quartz beads, adorned with Silver accessories, balls and a tassel in the midpoint of the Mala, can be worn to balance the Hrit Padma or Sacred Heart Chakra, which is the seat of unconditional love. Rose Quartz stone is associated with the Hrit Padma Chakra, heals and balances it. A balanced Sacred Heart Chakra awakens unconditional love and compassion for self and others, brings understanding of the true nature of self and Universe. It makes the person generous, selfless, forgiving and he or she accepts self and others as they are. The person operates from love and not ego, is patient, grateful for everything. A balanced Hrit Padma/Sacred Heart Chakra helps to evolve spiritually and brings prosperity, joy, peace

Therapeutically, a balanced Hrit Padma Chakra helps to get relief from anxiety, boosts immunity, aids in healing diseases related to the Heart, nerve disorders etc.

Rose Quartz is known as a stone of love, heals relationships and brings harmony, calmness etc.

Bead size: 7 mm
No. of beads: 108+1 Beads
Length: 34 inches

This item is made of 100% natural and untreated gemstone and certificate is shown here. If you need certificate for your individual product, you will need to email us at and pay an additional amount of Rs 300.