Rose Quartz Shree Yantra - 143 gms


INR 1,800


This charming pink Shree Yantra is perfectly etched in pyramidal form on natural rose quartz gemstone. The Yantra features sacred geometry of steps in form of Bhupura leading to concurring chakra (circles) and 16 and 8 petal lotuses ascending to multiple triangular steps finally leading to focal point for convergence of soul with divine mother. Shree Yantra also called Sri Chakra is a very powerful and auspicious Yantra. Its sacred geometry symbolizes the divine energies of Goddess Tripura Sundari and carries the potency and blessings of all Gods and Goddess. It is also the cosmic representation of the evolution of human to God; hence helps achieve growth and success in all realms of life. Made in Rose quartz gemstone, it promotes gentle energies of compassion, love, positivity and harmony when placed in your dwelling.

Shree Yantra Benefits:

  • Improves Vastu and bestows totality and success
  • Attracts riches, abundance and good fortune
  • For Spiritual progress, peace and harmony

  • Dimension: 2 (L) X 2 (B) X 2 (H) inches
    Weight: 143 gms

    Blessed and Energised