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E-Mail Consultation with Neeta Singhal


INR 1,100


Know the status of your Chakras and reasons for the blockage. Understand why you are facing obstacles and receive guidance and solutions for an empowered life. You will need to fill up a form and based on this, a detailed reading containing your Aura Chakra analysis report, Life Chart and interpretation of different facets of your life will be sent to you.

The recommendation comprises:
  • Rudraksha: Suitable combinations of Rudraksha beads for empowerment.
  • Gemstone: Suitable gemstones as per your Life Chart and Chakra report. Additionally, the report verifies the stone you are already wearing for its suitability and suggests its correct placement (if not worn correctly).
  • Yantra: Suitable Yantras as per your chart.
  • Use of: Suitable metals, colours, numbers and directions.
  • Mantras and Daily affirmations: Suggested mantras and daily affirmations for positivity, self-confidence and clarity of thoughts.