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Ruby Ganesh - 66.70 carats


INR 7,004

INR 8,504


This small divine idol of Lord Ganesha meticulously carved in 100% pure natural ruby is highly beneficial for those aspiring for high rank or position in administration field. In this idol, He is carved in seated position with right hand resting on His right leg and raised in blessing pose. His left palm is holding a delicacy and His upper arms are holding weapons. An arch shaped slab supports His back and His attendant, the mouse is carved at the base. With the power of ruby, the Idol enhances the powers of the planet Sun and ushers the blessings of Yashaskaram Ganesha, Who is bestower of fame and fortune. Also, it promotes passionate energies of passion, prosperity, confidence, awareness and courage. Place the Idol in puja altar or on work desk or near entrance of your house for divine blessings and auspiciousness.

Height: 24 mm
Base Dimension: 18 mm (L) x 18 mm (B)
Weight: 13.34 gms / 66.70 carats
Rate per carat: Rs. 105