Rudraksha Beads Garland


INR 22,315


This unique and exquisite piece of Rudraksha Kanthi Mala is made using finest quality Rudraksha beads from Java, Indonesia and Nepal. The mala is strung with six entwined strands of best quality Rudraksha beads with skillfully placed larger beads and other beads to form a beads tassel and give the Garland a premium look. The premium mala can be worn on body or put around Deity idols or photo frames, especially that of Lord Shiva.

Sacred Rudraksha beads are known to have a calming effect on the mind and body. They help to reduce stress and propel one on the path of spirituality. Another benefit of the Rudraksha is its ability to enhance meditation and spiritual practice. Rudraksha beads are sourced from the Rudraksha tree and are then carefully crafted and strung together on a thread to make the Rudraksha mala. Rudraksha beads have numerous healing, spiritual and mystic benefits; they help activate and balance Chakras, the energy centers of the human body and also promote physical, emotional and spiritual healing. Rudraksha Beads are blessings of Lord Shiva and the wearing the Rudraksha Beads Garland is said to create a connection between the wearer and the Divine.

Bead Size:
 4 mm (1200 Beads)
 7 mm (41 Beads)
 15 mm (10 Beads)
 20 mm (5 Beads)