Rudraksha mala 6 mm - Gold polished Copper


INR 925

INR 650


The Rudraksha Mala is strung in pure Copper wire with lasting Gold polish with small, Peppercorn size 5 Mukhi Rudraksha Beads. The 5 Mukhi Rudraksha holds the energies of the by 5 forms of Lord Shiva, Rudra Kalagni and is ruled Planet Jupiter or Guru. It is excellent for connecting to one's higher self or Upa Guru, for gaining knowledge, learning and expanding consciousness. The Mala is also worn to remove malefic effects of Planet Guru(Jupiter).

The Mala has 108+1 Beads which makes it apt to be used as a Japamala(Rosary).This Rudraksha Mala bestows knowledge, wisdom, creativity, learning/education, self-confidence, enhances communication skills, intelligence and creative self-expression. It dispels lethargy, dullness and helps to nurture ones unique skills. The Rudraksha Mala in Gold polished Copper chain awakens one's higher self or Upa Guru, expands consciousness and helps in spiritual development. It brings good health, regulates blood pressure, boosts immunity, reduces Cholesterol.

The Rudraksha Mala in Gold polished Copper chain can be worn by everyone and is specially good for students, writers, singers, teachers, public speakers and also recommended for those appearing for competitive exams.

Origin: Java