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Sacred Vastu Energiser


INR 2,400


This powerful Vastu tool prepared by popular Vastu consultant Mr Dinesh Vohra has three sacred symbols of Labyrinth, Golden Ratio and Tree of life installed in a copper plate. When placed in the area having Vastu defect, it immediately neutralises the dull and malefic energies and transmutes them into powerful vibrations.

Tree of Life is geometric representation of flow of creativity from nothingness to manifestation. Symbolising renewal and energy, it is a strong symbol that promote positivity, happiness and peace in the space and manifests desires.

Golden ratio also known as golden section or Divine proportion represent perfect harmony and rhythm. It helps restore the balance of five elements within a space for harmony in family, growth and success by balancing the Brahmasthal (centre) of a space. The spiral in increasing size symbolises achievement of optimum result with least effort.

Labyrinth is a sacred geometry symbolising the trails and tribulation in the path of life while attaining desired aim. It is associated with water element and is believed to dispel any negativity, evil eye and black magic and Vastu defects. It is especially used to rectify the defects of North-east direction of home/office.

Dimension of Yantra: approx. 8 (H) x 3 (W) inches