Sandstone Shivling with Nandi


INR 21,850


Nandi bull is the Vahana or the living transport of Lord Shiva. As a matter of submission and humility, the tail is tucked in, and the feet and face are in repose. It is a charging bull made tame by Lord Shiva. Nandi represents a devotee (of Shiva) whose passions are under control and whose devotion to Shiva is perfect.

A statue of Nandi can often be seen watching over an alter to Shiva or at the entrance of a Saivite shrine.
So most devotees pray first to her first born Vinayaga, that there should not be any obstacles while praying to Lord Shiva in his Koil (abode). In Sanskrit, the common bull is "vrisha", meaning : righteousness or Dharma. So it is important to seek the blessings of Nandi also before one proceeds to worship Lord Shiva. It is said that a devotee who whispers his desires in the ears of nandi before praying to Shiva , gets his wishes fulfilled faster.

Sandstone is a naturally beautiful material that can be used in a wide variety of settings. Unlike concrete, which has a plain and somewhat lifeless appearance throughout its uniform grayness, sandstone may contain dozens of colors at once based upon the area it was dug up from.

Legend says that Lord Rama made Shivalingam in sand and worshipped at Rameshwaram. This is known as Prithvilingam, denoting the primordial element earth.

Dimension of Shivaling
Height of Shivaling: 5.4 inches
Length of Yoni Base: 6.6 inches
Width of Yoni base: 4.2 inches
Weight: 1382 gms

Dimension of Nandi
Height: 5.1 inches
Base dimension: 6.5 (L) x 4.2 (B) inches
Weight: 1450 gms
Weight of Set: 2.832 kgs.