Selenite Healing Stick


INR 1,625


Selenite is crystallized Gypsum used for good luck, positive energies and protection against negative energies. It can be used to scan the areas of blockage amongst the seven energy centres. This stick can also be used in massage therapy, as it can help the body in releasing tension and at the same time transferring the energy to the body. Usually the stick is held with the smooth round edge facing the body and the other end outwards. The pointed end is known to be the point that directs energy, either inward or outward. Energy is absorbed into the stick from the rounded end, and this is later directed to other objects through the pointed end. As the left hand is believed to symbolize the reception of energy, placing these wands on it can be of help while meditating. A faceted Crystal Ball is fixed at one end and a crystal pencil on the other end and 9 gems are set all along the length. 

Height: approx. 8 inches
Weight: approx. 105 gms