Shani Dosh Nivaran Yantra kit


INR 3,800


A Powerful Yantra kit for those undergoing the effects of Sade Sathi or Saturn Return or Shani Dosh. Packed in beautiful box, it contains various Yantras and also items needed to perform regular puja of Yantra. Regular puja of Yantra helps increases the power of force field created around the enegised Yantra.


  • For protection and relief from malefic effects of Saturn
  • Gives right decision making skills
  • For success in business and worldly affairs
  • For courage and protection from negativity
  • For relief from miseries pertaining to body, finance and mental set-up

  • Contents of this powerful Protection kit:

  • A beautiful box
  • 3 energised Yantras of 3 inches: Shani, Hanuman and Mahakali Yantra
  • Book on Shani Graha Prarthana
  • Chunri, Dhoop sticks, Rice grains, Sandal paste, Black agate mala 108+1 beads for Yantra Puja
  • Hanuman Yantra Copper Locket to be worn around the neck

  • This may be used as a spiritual gift to your dear ones.

    Box dimension: 9 (L) x 7 (B) x 2.8 (H) inches
    Weight of the set: 941 gms