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Shani Graha Prarthana


INR 20.00


This book has the collection of Prayer Text For the Shani Graha. It is brought out for the benefit of those who are suffering from the malefic Effects of the Shani Graha Due To Poorva Karma Phala.


  • Dhyana Shlokaha
  • Shanaishchara Gayatri Mantraha
  • Sri Shanaishcharakavacham - 1
  • Sri Shanaishcharakavacham - 2
  • Dasharathakruta Sri Shanaishcharastotram - 1
  • Dasharathakruta Sri Shanaishcharastotram - 2
  • Pippaladena krutam Shanaishcharastotram
  • Shanaishchara Puja
  • Sri Shanaishcharashtottara Shatanamavalihi
  • About Shani Graha

    Dimension of Book: 3.5 (L) X 4.5 (H) Inches
    Width: 4 mm
    Format: Paperback
    Number of Pages: 96
    Language: Slokas in Sanskrit and Transliteration in English


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