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Shashti Purthi Pooja

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Shashti Purthi Pooja

INR 16,301.00
Shashti Purthi Pooja
INR 16,301.00
Shashti Purthi Pooja - with DVD
DVD recording would have essence of Puja of 1 to 2 hours, including Sankalp, Prayer ritual, Homa, Mantra chanting and Aarti.

INR 18,501.00
Shashti Purthi Pooja - with DVD
INR 18,501.00


  • Usually Delivered in 2-3 business days.

Shasthi Poorthi Pooja is a traditional puja that is done upon completion of 60 years of age. The Sixtieth birthday is considered significant in Hinduism as many perceive it as the pivotal point when a man has completed all his duties towards his family and is coming close to retirement. He can now focus on spirituality and his own soul and meditation and God. Siblings can get this puja done for their parents on their 60th birthday towards their long life and health.

Prayer ritual comprises of: Gowri, Ganpati, Kalash and Navgraha Sthapana and prayers.

Chanting of various Vedic mantras including Varuna Sookhtha, Purusha Sooktha, Nakshatra Sookhta and Dik Palaka Mantras are done and concluding with the performance of Dosha Shaanti.

Homas: The following are the set of Homas performed:

1. Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra Japa (5100 chants) and Homa: Lord Shiva is invoked as Mahakaal the primal force that has conquered the time and hence 'the death'. This particular Homam is done for longevity.

2. Navagraha Mantra Japa (5100 chants) and Homa: A fire ritual for pleasing the nine planets that rule and define the fruits of one's karma, so that they may be favorable to one's spiritual pursuits that one is expected to seek after he turns sixty.

3. Dhanvantari Mantra Japa (5100 chants) and Homa: To invoke the blessings of Dhanvanthri, the God of medicine. He is depicted as having medicinal herbs in one hand, and a pot containing nectar in the other. When this Homam is performed, it spreads positive energies and good will. It has the powers to clear ill health.

Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra: Om Tryambakam Yajamahe Sugandhim Pushti-vardhanam Urvarukamiva bandhanan Mrityor Mukshiya Mamritat
Dhanvantari Mantra: Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaaya Dhanvantaraye Amrita-kalasha Hastaaya Sarva-amaya Vinashaaya Trailokya Naathaya Dhanvantri Maha-vishnave Namaha

Navagraha Mantra: Om Brahmaa Muraari-Tripuraantakaarii Bhaanuh Shashii Bhuumisuto Budhash-Cha, Gurush-Cha Shukrah Shani-Raahu-Ketavah Sarve Graha Shantakara Bhavantu
Number of Priests: 5
Duration: 1 day

A short Video of the Sankalpa and mantra chanting would be sent to you along with the photographs of the Puja ritual. Puja Tokri having prasad, energised Rudraksha, silver tabeez and yantra would be sent along.

Rudra Centre priests will perform Puja as per vedic rituals based on birth details. Please mention your birth details (name, date, place, time), & Sankalp (your wish) at checkout. This is a individual Puja(you may do puja on individual name or include your near and dear ones in the puja). You will be provided with the contact no. of the priest, to call during the Sankalpa/Puja.

You may log into Skype and take Sankalpa online with the Pundits and see your Puja being conducted in our Puja Mandir at Rudra Centre premises.  Our Skype id is rudracentrepujaservices.  You may email us at  pujaservice@rudracentre.com  with your Skype id. View our  Puja mandir  where your Puja will be conducted.

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