Shiv Parivar in Blue Sodolite - 10770 gms


INR 1,28,900.00


Magnificent sculpture of Shiva Parivar carved in single blue Sodalite gemstone is a perfect example of creative and brilliant craftsmanship. Lord Shiva and His divine family seated amidst the hilly terrain of Kailash Mountain is a blissful sight to behold. Lord Shiva is seen seated beside Goddess Parvati and has Lord Ganesha seated on His lap, while Kartikeya is seated on Goddess Parvati’s lap. All deities raising Their right hands in blessing pose. Ganga River flowing from top descends onto the matted hair of Shiva and the Nandi bull and Mushak mouse are seated at the base. The back of the idol looks equally mesmerizing with finesse carving of Ganga flowing on top Shivalingam and gradually falling on series of Shivalingam, while peacock and Lion are carved in between. The tranquil energies of blue sodalite elevate the divine blessings of all deities of Shiva parivar. It also promotes compassion, understanding and spirituality along with blessings of overall prosperity, harmony and unity. You can place the charming statue in your dwelling or workplace or gift it to newlywed couples or loved ones as a blessing gift.

Height: approx. 11 inches
Base dimension: 8.1 (L) x 4.7 (W) inches
Weight: 10.770 kgs


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