Shiva in Gomed - 124.85 carats


INR 12,485.00

INR 13,985.00


A well crafted Shiv-Mukha in Gomed with fine detailing and grace.

Worshiping him removes ignorance and bestows power of wisdom to his devotees.

Lord Shiv in Gomed is imperative for those suffering from malefic effects of Rahu. Malefics of Rahu increases mental tension, and makes one angry & annoyed over small matters. One lacks decision-making power, and is always lost in day dreams and flights of fancies.

Ideal to be placed in home/office for protection. People undergoing Rahu Mahadasha can worship this idol. Also, It is great for meditating and attaining sharp focus.

Height: 1.5 inches
Base Dimension: 35 mm (L) x 15 mm (B)
Weight: 24.97 gms / 124.85 carats
Rate per carat: Rs 100