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Shiva Mukha Idol in Gomed gesmtone - 35.05 carats


INR 3,500


This artifact featuring facial image of Lord Shiva carved in natural Gomed of 35.05 carat makes an ideal everyday wear jewel when set in gold or silver. The translucence of the Gomed (Hessonite) adds to the allure of pendant. The serenity on face of Lord Shiva beautifully captured on this miniature artifact by the craftsman is truly commendable. Lord Shiva is bestower of mental peace, spiritual elevation, awareness, intuitive insight, harmony and dispeller of fear and diseases. Crafted in Gomed, His blessings are further helpful in neutralizing the malefic effect of planet Rahu and brings mental clarity, balanced temperament, confidence, positivity and enhances social and financial status. It can also be placed in puja altar or study or work desk to energise the aura.

Height: 30 inches
Base Dimension: 14 (L) x 9 (B) inches
Weight: 35.05 carats