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Shiva Stutih


INR 60.00


Published by: MB Publishers

The book contains following Stotras: Praatahsmarna, Dakshinaamorrti, Linaashtakam, Bilvaashtakam, Shivapanchaakshara, Kaalabairava, Vishwanaatha, Chandrashekharaashtaka, Dvaadashjyotirlingaani, Maargabandhu, Daaridriya dukhadahana, Ardhanaareshvar, Aparaadha Kshamaapana, Taandava and Shiva Maanasa Pooja, Shivaashtakam, Ashtottra Shata Naamaavalee.

Stotras given in Sanskrit and their equivalent English Text to make them easily readable.

Dimension of Book: 7 (H) X 4.75 (W) inches
Width: 6 mm
Format: Paperback
Total Number of Pages: 137
Language: Slokas in Sanskrit and Transliteration in English


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