1 mukhi Shivnetra mala (silver basket design)


INR 4,18,500


This is the rarest of the rare mala made from a choicest collection of rare found 1 mukhi rudraksha beads from Java, Indonesia, the place from where real genuine one Mukhi originates as described by the Holy Scriptures.
The beads are carefully and beautifully encased in artistically designed pure silver baskets, to retain and preserve the health, quality and power of the beads.

Benefits & Importance of wearing 1 Mukhi Shiv mala:

One mukhi rudraksha is the most auspicious, divine and powerful gift of nature to mankind. It is the rarest among all rudraksha mukhis and is the king of all rudraksha beads. One mukhi Rudraksha is ruled by Lord Shiva Himself, the pure consciousness or Paramshiva. This mystic bead is thus Sakshat Shiv Swaroopa and blesses the wearer abundantly. The person who wears it has all worldly pleasures at his feet but remains unaffected by them.

It is believed that the wearer of this bead attains Moksha, elevates in awareness and merges with the absolute consciousness of the divine. One mukhi rudraksha rules all the planets and heals Sahasrara (crown) chakra.

This power is multifold amplified wearing a mala of 1 Mukhi rudraksha to the point that is usually recommended for Community Leaders and Spiritual Masters mostly, but anyone can wear it and benefit tremendously of its supreme and unique power, not only those in the spiritual path but everybody can wear it at any age and with no restrictions, to enhance their lives and for to rapidly progress towards all their goals in all the spheres of life.
It enhances spiritual connection and brings divine grace and luck in endeavors. It also brings understanding, compassion and knowingness as it accelerates one’s awakening towards the ultimate truth, joy and bliss.

1. Bestows divine powers of manifestation
2. Improves concentration and gives peace of mind
3. Destroys all sins and past karma by Antahkarna Shuddhi
4. For Spiritual enlightenment and attaining liberation
5. Best for meditation and spiritual growth
6. For enjoying worldly success and material pleasures without attachment

Therapeutic Benefits: At a physical level, it removes migraine, depression and mitigates all kinds of Central Nervous System and neurological disorders.

Quantity available: Only one mala

Bead size: approx. 7 mm
No. of beads: 54+1
Silver used: approx. 60 gms
Length: approx. 30 inches