Shree Yantra Ring


INR 920


This Ring is made up of panchdhatu with three dimentional image of Shree Yantra on the Top. It is blessed and energised.

Shree Yantra is one of the most auspicious, important and powerful Yantras. Its archetypal form is a ladder of spiritual ascent for the seeker. Viewed from the center outwards, the Shree Yantra is a diagram of the Hindu vision of the evolution of the cosmos. Through devotion and faith, the Shree Yantra blesses the worshiper with peace, happiness, popularity, power, authority, wealth, prosperity & success. This ancient Yantra has been used for millennia by kings, princes, political leaders & men in authority for attaining fame, power and financial success. It is considered to be beneficial to humankind especially during Kali Yuga to help achieve success, well-being, good fortune, wealth and fame.

To be worn on left ring finger for best results (if you are a right handed person).

Inner diameter of the Ring: 20 mm (adjustable)
Dimension of Shree Yantra: 9 mm (H) x 15 mm (L) x 15 mm (W) inches

Blessed and Energised