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Special Havan Samagiri


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A special mix of traditional Havan Samagri along with exotic herbs, dry fruits, dried flowers and natural fragrances will add power to your Havan rituals.

The havan, or the sacred fire, is symbolic of Agni - the Fire God, who represents Shakti (the universal power). Vedic texts pronounce fire as 'the mouth of all pujas'. It is through fire that our prayers are said to reach God. The Havan Samagri is very sacred with each item being of greater significance. The offerings are made to the fire by chanting shlokas which invariably end with a 'swahaa'. 'Swa' - means self and 'ha' means ahamkaar or ego.

Ingredients: Phool Dhawa, Belpatta, Sugadh Kokila, Devdar Chips, Phool Tesu, Chhadila, Phool Gulab Patti, Mehandi Patta, Red Sandal Powder, Inderjav Mitha, Ganesh Loban, Javadhu, Kharik, (Badam) Almonds, Dry coconut and Traditional Havan Samagri.